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Who We Are
Weltory is a leading health & beauty product and brand development company involved in creating , building and distributing  beauty & pharmaceutical goods.  Our overriding purpose is to help  people to feel good, stay well and look more beautiful through the introduction of world-class health, wellness , beauty and personal care products.
Who we are
What We Do

Our experience on the Arabian gulf market endorsed by fact based market analysis help us to achieve effective product distribution through winning go to market strategies & actions . We keep & ensure good parameters of success for brands we are working on , we support our brands with effective tools to up lift off-take at store level , starting from clear brand strategy , value positioning , digital marketing and shopper marketing strategies


We plan product launches carefully by studying the market and the category  very well to size the opportunity through methodology of 8-steps of category management which start from defining the category ,assessing it , define its role , develop score cards , aligning brand and category strategies and developing brand price index to win

What we do
Where We Are

We are based in\middle east with hub based office  in Dubai &  Saudi Arabia , our product distribution services extended to different market in the region including Kuwait , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman , Jordan , Lebanon , Egypt . Algeria , Tunisia & morocco

Where we are

Strategy for Differentiation

Wellness for Everyone.

Weltory offers a unique and widely differentiated range of affordable health and beauty products, experts that help our customers to Feel Good, Stay Well and Look Beautiful all within a highly developed brand platform format. Restore your enjoyment of life by trusting in the solutions provided by your Weltory– Feel Good, Stay Well and Look Beautiful.

Vision for tomorrow

To be at top of consumer mind by offering useful  wellness & beauty top quality products made of love and passion to drive sustainable customer loyalty, whilst at the same time building a long-term emotional relationship  through unique range of solutions, in-depth knowledge and free health & beauty services.

Mission for success

Helping communities to live better , Feel Good, Stay well & Look Beautiful through our leading innovative quality offering  & solutions  made with love & passion  for every day need

Values to live in

  • Customer 1st

  • Innovations

  • Integrity

  • Knowledge

  • Transparency  

Customers 1st

At Weltory we understand that we have to go the extra mile in order to make a difference and putting the customer at the forefront of our thoughts .we promise to keep customer interest in each single decision we take

Customers 1st
Ocean Water

Weltory is an open book – what we do is clear for the world to see and to understand.

Product Design

That added extra we give to our customers. At Weltory we are energized by new ideas, excited by recently released products and exhilarated by new processes. We enjoy “thinking out of the box” and finding solutions to business problems.

Gray Structure

Keeping our promises are more important to us. So whether this is about maintaining confidentiality, refusing gifts from suppliers, or simply being open-minded to the ideas of others, we strive to be true to ourselves.

Mature Woman Portrait

Weltory is a business that is driven by science and understanding.

Vision and Mission




We understand meaning of life to us and our customer , in weltory we will strive to conduct business to meet this good promise starting from careful selection of brands , asses product formulations , test them to ensure safety and effectiveness for life.


Weltory Community.


At Weltory we believe that adopting principles of ‘Community Responsibility’ is a contentious decision that best serves the community in which we operate. It is our belief that communities prosper by the stakeholders taking good care of the next generation and specifically those who are economically challenged with regards to affordable healthcare.

Weltory is a caring neighbor within every community in which we serve. We reach well beyond the walls of our physical premises in order to actively improve the education, health and wellbeing of the next generation.

Child Health & Education Responsibility

Weltory’s activities in this area range from simple charitable undertakings to hands-on community service efforts that quite literally touch the hearts and hopes of children throughout the market we are serving  Through the programs planned by ‘Weltory in the Community’ the company intends to provide generous support to a wide range of non-profit organizations involved with child health, wellbeing and education. In addition, Weltory is committed to sponsor a wide range of vital annual, health oriented community events.

Child health & Education

5 to focus

A comprehensive plan

to evolve 5 differentiated areas.

1.Improving  good habits

2.Offering Better choices

3.Maximizing qualities

4.Reach heart & mind

5.making passion & love

5 to work on

Weltory trading work on 5 categories






5 to win

We are committed to win with





5.Our passion

The 5 To do's


Weltory Nutrition

and Food


Mega health.png

Mega Health


Qures is health care brand, that offers a broad range of evidence-based, healthcare, environmental care, interventional care and patient care solutions, all designed to help reduce preventable infections, control healthcare costs, and, ultimately, help save lives. It’s all part of our passion to make a difference, everyday. Qures aims to gain trust in the middle east region, help prevent contaminations & infections spread, prevent deseases and help mothers protect their families, by killing harmful germs and helping create safe environments for them to thrive in.

Qures range logos-02.png
Qures range logos-01.png
Qures range logos-03.png

Weltory Health

and Beauty

Mega health


engaging and influencing

tomorrow’s shoppers.

Leverage the highest

level of attention to win the first moment of truth.  


At Weltory we will keep pace with understanding shopper habits, the motives and driving forces that integrate with the shopping environment plus online platforms to evolve insights that are based on shopping experiences and maximizing purchase decisions.

At Weltory we go to extraordinary lengths in order to identify unique ways in which to connect, engage and inspire tomorrow’s shopper’s senses. In addition to all of this we are constantly searching for methods that provide shop space for expansion and ideas that build emotive customer loyalty


This sensory approach is intended to be prevalent in the store and online and is also calculated to achieve a level of brand equity that is directly derived from the shopper / customer response to Weltory communications.

At Weltory we look deep into the habitual behavior of our target shopper segment in order to identify a clear connection and inspirational experience of brand loyalty for our brands

that is emotional in its nature and one that will be

indirectly driven by what you see, smell, touch, taste and hear about it.

We established Weltory as a brand

Weltory brand
Call for Innovation

Weltory believes that people build companies and that we as a team commit to retaining them as highly valuable company assets.  We will attract, orient, develop and retain great talent. We value people as our most important assets. It is our ambition to create a more innovative working culture, a n environment within which we will encourage ideas, thinking and creativity too. We aim to get the best out of our staff through implementation of the ‘Weltory People Mindset’ approach.

Minimalist Staircase
Call for Partnership

Partnership is a solid integral approach that is core to how we run Weltory. A fresh enterprise, a new arena, a novel methodology.Today we are creating a better tomorrow for a better future.

Call for innovation
Call for partnership
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