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We understand meaning of life to us and our customer , in weltory we will strive to conduct business to meet this good promise starting from careful selection of brands , asses product formulations , test them to ensure safety and effectiveness for life.


Qures is health care brand, that offers a broad range of evidence-based, healthcare, environmental care, interventional care and patient care solutions, all designed to help reduce preventable infections, control healthcare costs, and, ultimately, help save lives. It’s all part of our passion to make a difference, everyday. Qures aims to gain trust in the middle east region, help prevent contaminations & infections spread, prevent deseases and help mothers protect their families, by killing harmful germs and helping create safe environments for them to thrive in.



engaging and influencing

tomorrow’s shoppers.

Leverage the highest

level of attention to win the first moment of truth.  


At Weltory we will keep pace with understanding shopper habits, the motives and driving forces that integrate with the shopping environment plus online platforms to evolve insights that are based on shopping experiences and maximizing purchase decisions.

At Weltory we go to extraordinary lengths in order to identify unique ways in which to connect, engage and inspire tomorrow’s shopper’s senses. In addition to all of this we are constantly searching for methods that provide shop space for expansion and ideas that build emotive customer loyalty


This sensory approach is intended to be prevalent in the store and online and is also calculated to achieve a level of brand equity that is directly derived from the shopper / customer response to Weltory communications.

At Weltory we look deep into the habitual behavior of our target shopper segment in order to identify a clear connection and inspirational experience of brand loyalty for our brands

that is emotional in its nature and one that will be

indirectly driven by what you see, smell, touch, taste and hear about it.

We established Weltory as a brand


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